New Era of Auto Building Delivery

FlashBot is Pudu’s latest building delivery robot that can take the elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, FlashBot takes intelligent delivery to the next level, enabling digital management and services of hotels and office buildings.


Why Choose FlashBot?

Flexible and Efficient 3D Obstacle Avoidance

3*RGBD camera + Customized lidar empower FlashBot with accurate 3D perception to avoid low and suspended obstacles.

Voice Patrol

Voice Patrol feature to provide anti-epidemic knowledge to any on-lookers of the robot during disinfection

Modular Adjustable Compartment, Bigger Than Bigger

The multi-functional compartment maximizes space utilization, enabling FlashBot to perform multiple tasks with a single tap.

UV Sterile Compartment

The compartment features a UV germicidal lamp that offers a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%, delivering greater peace of mind. UV can be turned off.


 539 x 515 x 1050 mm

12 hours

4.5 hours

Auto – charging

Max30kg, 15kg/layer

2-4 compartments(Adjustable)


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