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Our robots are designed for reception, delivery, collection, sanitize and cleaning! Use them to deliver food to customers, collect their dirty dishes, cruise around a venue bearing refreshments and advertisements, or guide guests to their chosen destinations, disinfect indoor environment and also serve multiple cleaning scenario.

Pudu CC1

Clean & Clever, All in 1!


Versatile Delivery Robot


Building Delivery Robot


Delivery & Reception Robot with an Ad Display

PuduBot 2

Universal Delivery Robot


Premium Delivery Robot


Delivery Robot That Features Pagering and Notifications


Intelligent Delivery Robot

Puductor 2

Disinfection Robot

Smart Catering

Specialize in food delivery and dish collecting

Smart Retail

Help to guide customer to a certain location withing the store

Smart Manufacture

Delivers heavy item or product to other department or room within the manufacture area

Smart Healthcare

Smart disinfection with timely based setup and deliver food to patient or important item to staff

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