Digital Johor 4.0 Carnival

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Johor 4.0 Digital Carnival

Johor state government has embarked on the Johor 4.0 agenda, aimed at turning the state into a leader in digital economy.

With the view towards galvanizing the people and the state of Johor towards greater economic achievements, Johor State Government has formulated a strategic initiative to digitalise key economic sectors within the state, which in time will enable the creation of new digital-driven industries. 

The objective is to transform Johor through digitalisation, in line with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), to become Johor 4.0 – a thriving digital economy.

In other words, Johor 4.0 will be an Intelligent Johor, empowering Johoreans and migrants from all walks of life in the way they work, live, play and govern.


Digital Johor Sdn Bhd (DJSB), a state-owned company, has been set up to drive this transformational agenda.

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